Consuella Allen

Inside the Mind of an 8th Grade Science Student

 First Day of School

It’s the first day of school and I’m looking for my class. I ask this lady for help, “Hey Miss, do you know where this class is?”

The teacher replies, “Excuse me, my name is Ms. Allen,” and then points to the room number and the door.  I look her up and down without her noticing and then roll my eyes.  I already know, I don’t like this lady.  As I go to sit down and look around the room, I see that she has given us an assignment.  Is this lady for real? Now I know I’m not going to like her. Giving work on the first day of school, who does that?

When the bell rings, the first thing she says is, “Take out paper and a pencil or pen.”

Really lady! I already don’t like science, now I’m going to hate it.

After going over the syllabus, her expectations and lab rules, she says to the class, “Now write down three things that you want to explore in Science this year.”

Now the class is looking around confused. Explore? What is this lady talking about?

Last Day of School

Wow, I actually learned something in Science this year! Ms. Allen’s expectations never changed throughout the year. She was always there for us and she listened.  She even made Science fun.  I remember when we were learning about measurement and she turned the lab into the Olympic Games by having various stations with measurement instruments.  Oh yeah, and the elastic ball that we made out of glue and borax.  My rubber ball finally cracked after two days.  We even dissected a frog!  We were able to expand our knowledge in Science by exploring real world applications and linking them to what we do every day.  I hope that high school is just as fun.

“Hey Ms. Allen, this is the first year that I actually enjoyed my science class.”


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