Maria Lopez

Marcus sat at the back of the classroom quietly, unmotivated and with few friends. To him science was just another class.  But one day the school announced auditions for a talent show. To my surprise, Marcus auditioned with a talent that no one knew about.  He presented a homemade Claymation movie, also known as stop-motion video using clay.

On the day of the talent show, the quiet, unmotivated student Marcus who sat alone was now on stage in front of the whole school.  During the show he was a completely different person.  He introduced himself as author and director; then he played his Claymation video. The students absolutely loved it and everyone applauded.  I was happy for Marcus.  Everyone wanted to know how he had made the movie and wanted to learn from him.   Who knew he had such passion and talent?

That day I had an “ah-ha” moment. I discovered a way to get Marcus interested in science class. I used this as a tool and assigned him a Claymation project on cell division. This “ah-ha” moment helped me to realize that all students are gifted in different ways. You just have to discover their talents. And use them as motivation and to build self-confidence.   Through his passion for Claymation, all of a sudden, science was not just another class for Marcus.

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