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It’s 5:45am. I know the snooze will go off another 2 times before I really need to get up. Today I am running a frog dissection lab in my class. It takes so much energy from me! Do I go in to work today? I could stay home; I really do have enough sick time. The thing is … I truly am so tired! As I get up, my husband clearly sees my predicament. Don’t go in today, he says. Automatically, I answer NO WAY! I stop and reflect… “No way,” why did I just answer that? Why do I answer that almost every time I have the chance to stay home? These kids they drain me, demand so much of me and expect so much from me. Whatever, I can’t stay home.

It’s 6:00 am and this bus is not here yet. I am SO going to be late to school today. If I am late, Mrs. Liz is going to make me walk to the main office and get a late pass. What if they’re not giving late passes? What if they make me sit in “TARDY TANK” all period? OMG, I can’t be late! This bus better get here ASAP. Why do I care?  Seriously, I thought this lady was crazy when this year first started. She was always demanding the labs be typed, expecting me to be in uniform all the time and yea, making me put my ID on for every class. Jeez, she knows who I am. She even has me thinking before I open my mouth and say a “smart comment.” What is it with this lady? I really like her class. I can’t believe the year is almost over. I can’t believe I passed the BIOLOGY End Of Course exam. It’s incredible how I really want to make it to class today, to be on time and actually cut open a disgusting frog. Is she right? Do I really have what it takes to be successful in life? I mean I don’t even like science… I think. Mrs. Liz and all her “Believe in yourself” crap. I do admit, when she laughs at her own corny jokes… it’s pretty funny. All I know is I am so excited. It’s the end of the year. I think I am even more excited to cut that frog up! It’s 7:10am. I made it.

7:22am. The kids are inside the class waiting for me. I did it again. I’m late! The look on their faces when they see me is priceless. They’re all smiles and full of desire to be in my class. Am I dreaming? Thank goodness Mrs. Boynton let them in. No time to go sign in, it’s straight to the lab. This is going to be GREAT! 2:20pm. I’m so glad I went to work today. Then again, I’m always glad I come in to work. Yes, it’s crazy. Yes, they do what they do to me, but today I know they were so happy to do this lab. They were so happy that I came through with what I promised. I think I am finally getting through to some of them. I think I LOVE my job.

7:22am and this lady is late or she bailed on us! For crying out loud she told us today was the dissection lab. I should have known. Oh wait, she’s walking in! Wow, she schooled me again.
Alright … IT’S ON!
2:20pm and the bell just rang. I can’t stay too long but I am going to help her pick up. What a mess, but it was worth it. I have never dissected a frog ever and I loved it. It was disgusting, but I LOVED IT. I might miss the bus, but whatever, it’s cool. I am going to ask her what careers I could look into that deal with cutting stuff up like this. I think I LOVE science.

7:20am and today is June 6th. I can’t believe today is the last day of school. Where has it gone? I am going to miss these kids. So many of them didn’t even say goodbye to me. This science building is empty; it’s a ghost town. Oh well, here I go. WAIT, my door is unlocked!  Hmm, something’s wrong here. I proceed to open the door and all of my students jump out from under their desks. I hear SURPRISE!!!

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