CaTina Boynton

Biology- the Study of Life

Cells, plants, mitosis, meiosis, heredity, evolution, and ecology … what is this lady talking about?

As students enter into my Biology class on the first day of school, this question usually comes to their minds.  Most of them will come as a blank canvas wanting you to paint a beautiful picture of science and biology for them.  I proceed to tell them about the journey we will take over the next ten months in my Biology class.

First, I add color to their canvas by embedding scientific vocabulary into their lives. Secondly, I draw straight lines with sharp edges to present my classroom discipline and structure. Thirdly, I begin to add shading and images to the canvas to represent various learning strategies and differentiations in my teaching techniques.  As I begin to put the final touches on this piece of artwork, I add a red heart in the center of the picture, which represents the loving and caring attitude I bring to my students every day. After putting all these things together, the final picture displays a more confident, knowledgeable, and determined scientist with a beaming smile as he or she holds a certificate stating “I passed my Biology End of Course Exam!”

Over the last 14 years, teaching science has been such a rewarding profession for me.  From the moments of pure insanity where the kids are very rambunctious and nothing you are teaching them seems to soak in, to the moments where you  look around the classroom and all you can see are surprised expressions and smiles from the students as they are really learning the information and putting it all together.  My most prized moment is seeing that one student who tries very hard, but doesn’t achieve the “good grades” he or she is expecting and all of a sudden they get a test back with the grade of a big fat “A” with a star sticker! After the initial realization that hard work does pay off, they turn to you and say “Thank you, Mrs. Boynton.”   Just being there to observe this student’s pride, self esteem, and self confidence boom through the roof is priceless!

I love being a science teacher!  I can’t imagine my life without science or a world without science! Can you?

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