Allapattah Middle School:

Fellow: Michelle Nguyen
Mr. Thomas Micek

School Description:
The mission of Allapattah Middle School is to exceed state and national standards in student achievement and literacy for all students.

Principal: Ms. Bridget L. McKinney

Richmond Heights Middle School:

Fellow: Dominique Lazarre
  Mr. Olson Duffis

School Description: Our mission is to improve upon students’ abilities to read, write, comprehend and articulate through an integrated curriculum which will prepare all students for the diversely multicultural and technological world of the twenty-first century.

Principal: Ms. Kristal Hickmon

Brownsville Middle School:

Fellow: Eric Hunt
Ms. Betty Fenelon

School Description:
We, the administration, faculty, and staff of Brownsville Middle School, regard each of our students as valuable participants and contributors for tomorrow’s society. We firmly believe that each one is entitled to and should receive the highest standard of quality education we can possibly offer. The Brownsville Middle School faculty and staff are committed to recognizing the individual needs of each of our students. It is our mission, then, to work with them to develop individual strengths, talents, and pride in self, while at the same time provide a safe, supportive environment where individual differences and the rights of others are encouraged.

Principal: Dr. Edward G. Robinson 

Jose de Diego Middle School:

Fellow: Katie Gant
Ms. Catalina Hidalgo

School Description: Home of the Jaguars.

(State School II) Jose De Diego Middle School
Principal: Mr. Yaset Fernandez 

West Miami Middle School:

Fellow: Nathan Farwell
  Ms. Maria Lopez

School Description: If it is to be, it is up to me! Home of the Falcons.

Principal: Ms. Katyna Lopez-Martin

Andover Middle School:

Fellow: Megan Gillespie
Ms. Consuella Allen

School Description: Andover Middle School’s mission is to create a safe and effective learning environment that will provide educational and career opportunities for all students while meeting the needs of our multicultural community. Our school places special emphasis on mastery of academic skills, career exploration, community service, self-esteem, self-discipline, interpersonal skills, and personal values to develop life long learners who will be contributors to an ever-changing global economy.


Principal: Mrs. Rennina Turner

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